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Folded Failed Fudge

April 23, 2010

Another eureka moment came to me last week, as I was trying to fix my Failed Fudge yet again.
Again I reheated it with some water, stirring till it dissolved, and then letting it boil without stirring. Then I let it cool, probably too much, and it was too solid to beat with a wooden spoon.
Not one to give up easily, I started pulling it and folding it by hand. Didn’t do it for very long because I didn’t see a major change, and it was pretty solid already, so I pressed it down in the pan and left it to solidify over night.
What I got is Folded Failed Fudge:

It has thin layers of chewy fudge, between brittle thin layers of Failed Fudge, with chewy and crunchy texture. Very much reminiscent of the Reese’s Crunchy Crispy Bar. I told you success was nigh!
It’s as if the outer-most layer that formed on the fudge as it cooled remained brittle, but everything underneath remained nice and fudgy. When I folded it, all I did was increase the number of layers, just like making puff pastry.


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