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Cookie Dough Fudge Mint Chip 3.0

March 17, 2013



So, I gave in. I used food coloring. Only a little, but along with the guilt of cheating, came a realization that the color makes it taste more “right”. The psychology of eating with your eyes must be true.

Another cheat is the fudge. Store-bought vanilla fudge. I’m so ashamed.

This version of the Cookie Dough-Fudge-Mint-chip ice cream is compiled of a light-green minty ice cream, with cookie dough, vanilla fudge, and white chocolate chips.

The batter itself looks and tastes wonderfully refreshing, like a light breeze in the spring time. The leaf-green color really helps form the spring day in your mind, as you taste the soft, sweet mint that melts on your tongue.



This is still not the winner, but it’s pretty nice (and simple).

The minty batter is the same recipe as my first attempt (only with a bit of green food coloring in it). The cookie dough is still the one from The Cupcake Project. The fudge is store-bought vanilla fudge (which turned out to be a bad idea). But the chocolate chips are what I’m really proud of.

My biggest problem with chocolate chips in ice cream is the fact that they are so hard and flavorless when they’re cold. Kind of feels like chewing on plastic bits.

The simplest solution to this is to make the chocolate more “melty”, by changing its fat contents. The more fat, the easier it melts. The fat also has to be the right kind, one with a low melting temp, so it will melt on your tongue, but still be able to freeze.

The only problem is, that makes the “chips” or “fudge” a little fussy to handle when preparing the ice cream. You have to work fast, before it melts in your hands.


For the chocolate chips:

30gr chocolate (I used both white and dark chocolate)

1 tsp of butter

Gently melt the chocolate and butter together, until well combined.

Thinly spread on parchment paper, and let cool.

Freeze for 1/2hour or longer, until solid enough to break into smaller pieces. Break into smaller pieces (duh!) and return to the freezer in a suitable box, until needed.


Mix the ice cream with the white fudge chips and the cookie-dough, freeze and eat.


Afterthought: The store-bought fudge wasn’t very exciting on it’s own, but in the ice cream, it was a complete disaster. It was rock-solid and hurt my mouth because the chunks were too big and edgy. Never doing that again.


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