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Cookie Dough Fudge Mint Chip 4.0- a four-way

March 17, 2013



I have found a likely new fudge ice cream recipe and I had such faith in, that I divided it in to four CDFMC experiments:


1. Fudge ice cream with plain cookie dough and white mint chips.

As I said before, mint flavored chips are not available where I live, so I tried to make my own.

In this recipe, I melted some white chocolate with a teaspoon of butter and half a teaspoon of PPM (short for peppermint essence), and spread it out thinly on baking paper to solidify. That didn’t work, so after it cooled, I transferred it to the freezer for it to actually solidify. When it finally did, I broke it down to small bits and kept it cool until it was time to add it to the ice cream.

The purpose of the butter was to make the chocolate more ‘melt in your mouth straight out of the freezer’ and less ‘horrible bits of plastic’ (as it was in the first attempt). I also spread out the melted chocolate very thinly, so it will be even easier for it to melt on the tongue. 



2. Fudge ice cream with plain cookie dough and dark mint chips.

Same as the previous one, only I used dark chocolate instead of white baking bits. These are two interpretations to ‘mint chip’.



3. Minty-Fudge ice cream with plain cookie dough and dark chips.

This time, I added some PPM to the ice cream batter, after it was churned, and hoped for the best. The chips where dark chocolate, melted down with butter, spread out and frozen, just like the rest of them.




4. Fudge ice cream with plain cookie dough, dark chips and mint syrup.

In this recipe, I took the mint part as a completely separate entity, that is not related to either the ice cream, the chips or the cookie dough, and I inserted it as a syrup. I was a bit lazy this time and didn’t make my own syrup, but instead I used sweetened condensed milk, to which I added some PPM. I have previously tested the sweetened condensed milk’s freezing properties and established that it maintains its fluid qualities at low temperatures, so it was a good candidate for this experiment.

 Full recipe in a post of it’s own.

This is The One.


More crazy thoughts, even though I found The One:

 I though about making minty cookie dough, but the way mint and cookie dough are separated in name CDFMC does not, in any way, imply ‘minty cookie dough’. The context is just wrong for it. The flavor might work, so I might still try it out one day, but I would still have to give it some though before calling it CDFNC (yes, I’ve gone crazy, but there’s nothing new about that).

However, the cookie dough may be ‘fudgy cookie dough’, and for that, I have just the recipe! Soon I will reveal my Brownies experiments and all will be clear. 



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